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MasterChef Australia S08E63 – Jul 26, 2016

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Grand Final:

MasterChef Australia S08E62: Service Challenge: Semi Final – Jul 25, 2016

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Service Challenge: Semi Final The final three contestants vie for a place in the Grand Finale in this service challenge. Each contestant must prepare a main and a dessert for 20 guests plus the three judges.

MasterChef Australia S08E61 – Jul 24, 2016

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Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test: Quarter Final In today's Quarter Final mystery box challenge & invention test, contestants cook off for a place in the Semi Final using ingredients chosen by their loved ...

MasterChef Australia S08E60: Final MasterClass 5 – Jul 20, 2016

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Final MasterClass 5 The final MasterClass of 2016 sees the return of the eliminated contestants. The shoe's on the other foot for George, Gary & Shannon who must cook a dish from ingredients from a special myst...

MasterChef Australia S08E59: Elimination Challenge: Audition Ingredients – Jul 20, 2016

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Elimination Challenge: Audition Ingredients

MasterChef Australia S08E58: Service Challenge: Lake House – Jul 19, 2016

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Service Challenge: Lake House

Masterchef Australia S08E57: Pressure Test: Christy Tania’s Mistique – Jul 18, 2016

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Pressure Test: Christy Tania's Mistique

Masterchef Australia S08E56 – Jul 17, 2016

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Mystery Box Challenge: Hottest Ingredients & Invention Test: Hottest Techniques

MasterChef Australia S08E55 – Jul 14, 2016

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Elimination Challenge: Put Your Dream on a Plate & MasterClass 4

Masterchef australia s08e54: Team Challenge: Santa Monica Pier Food Trucks – Jul 13, 2016

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Team Challenge: Santa Monica Pier Food Trucks MasterChef Australia Series 8 Episode 54 Today the contestants are split into teams to run their very own food trucks at the world famous Santa Monica Pier. Ther...

Masterchef australia s08e53 – Jul 12, 2016

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Fast Track to Finals: Francis Ford Coppola's Inglenook Estate MasterChef Australia Series 8 Episode 53 Today four of the most impressive contestants are cooking for a guaranteed place in finals week at Franc...

Masterchef Australia S08E52: Team Challenge: Dominque Creen’s Signature Dishes – Jul 11, 2016

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Team Challenge: Dominque Creen's Signature Dishes

MasterChef Australia S08E51: Mystery Box Challenge: San Francisco Produce & Invention Test – Jul 10, 2016

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Mystery Box Challenge: San Francisco Produce & Invention Test

Masterchef australia s08e50: Elimination Challenge: Time Auction – Jul 07, 2016

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Elimination Challenge: Time Auction MasterChef Australia Series 8 Episode 50 The four members of the losing teams from the Service Challenge now face elmination. With so much at stake, which contestant will ...

MasterChef Australia S08E49: Team Challenge: Australian Produce – Jul 06, 2016

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Team Challenge: Australian Produce

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