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Masterchef The Professionals (2017) S10E07 (720p HD soft Eng subs)

In the first heat of this week, six more chefs from across the UK set out to prove they have the talent to become a future culinary star. To begin their fight for the coveted title, the chefs face the infamous Skills Test. This is the chance for Monica, Marcus and Gregg to size up their skills and ability under pressure, whilst the chefs have to hold their nerve and wow them from the outset.

This time round Marcus sets the test, giving the chefs 20 minutes to make a fruit-based dessert featuring Italian meringue and demonstrating his own version. The judges then watch over the chefs’ every move as they set about choosing and cooking an accompanying fruit to go with their meringue. Whilst it sounds straightforward enough, will these chefs know the important difference between a French and an Italian meringue? And can they hit the right temperature for a perfect sugar syrup whilst creating a beautiful fruit sauce? This is a true test of their culinary knowledge and skills.

Next up, all six chefs have one last chance to win over the judges in the Signature Dish challenge of their own design. They have just one hour and 15 minutes to put the pressures of the Skills Test behind them and showcase their own cooking style and flair with a tried and tested dish. If it fails to deliver on taste, technique and presentation, their time in the competition will be over. The weakest three chefs must leave the MasterChef kitchen whilst three chefs remain to go on to the quarter-final, taking a step closer to the crown of MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2017.

(with soft subtitles)
First broadcast: 21 November 2017
Duration: 1 hour

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