Masterchef The Professionals (2017) S10E02 (720p HD, soft Eng subs)

The Bafta-winning hit is back for its tenth series. Celebrated MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace, chef Monica Galetti and two-Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing are together once again in their search for the UK’s finest cooking talent. Over seven weeks, 48 professionals will face the rigours of the MasterChef kitchen before one chef is crowned culinary superstar of 2017.

In this heat, six professional chefs set out to prove they have the ability, commitment and style to push to the top of their demanding industry. They face two daunting challenges, set by the judges. At the end of these challenges, three chefs are sent home and the strongest three go through to this week’s quarter-final.The first challenge for the chefs is a nerve wracking Skills Test set by Monica – they have just 20 minutes to create from scratch, a perfect fruit-based souffle with a garnish of their choice. Under the expert eyes of Marcus, Monica and Gregg, the chefs must prove they have a full understanding of the steps it takes to make a light, fluffy souffle and also showcase they have the time management to create a fitting garnish for their dish. The Skills Test will prove whether their working methods and techniques are up to scratch, which is no mean feat with the judges watching over their every move.

Next, the six chefs must cook their own Signature Dish. In just an hour and 15 minutes, they must show that they can work quickly and creatively to create delicious judge-pleasing dishes. It’s their final opportunity to set themselves apart from the other chefs and prove they are serious contenders in the competition.

Once all six dishes have been tasted and judged, Marcus, Monica and Gregg decide which three chefs will leave the competition and which three have survived to go on to the quarter-final in pursuit of the title.

(with soft subtitles)

First broadcast: 8 November 2017
Duration: 1 hour

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