MasterChef (UK) The Professionals S09E12

In the last of the quarter-finals, the best chefs from the week’s heats come together in the kitchen to cook against each other and continue in their quest for the title. They must prove to Marcus and Monica they are worthy when they face two more demanding challenges.

The first test the professionals face is new. Monica and Marcus challenge them to reinvent and reimagine a sweet family favourite, fruit crumble. The chefs will need to reinvigorate the dish to their highest level, whilst capturing the essence of this British classic. They need to deliver a dish that sets them apart, because only four chefs will have the chance to cook for the critics – the others are sent home.

The remaining four chefs now face one of the toughest rounds of the competition. In just one hour and 15 minutes, they must serve up an exceptional two-course menu to three of the country’s most notable restaurant critics. Newcomer Grace Dent joins Jay Rayner and Tracey MacLeod at this week’s table. This culinary ensemble is accustomed to dining at some of the UK’s most exciting destinations and will only be won over by the very best. Monica and Marcus keep a close eye to see which chefs shine and execute the most daring and delicious menu to grace the critics’ table.

After a tough session in the kitchen, one more chef’s ambitions will be thwarted when they are sent home. The three remaining chefs move into knockout week and go one step closer to the final of MasterChef: The Professionals 2016.

First broadcast: 1 December 2016
Duration: 1 hour

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