MasterChef (UK): The Professionals S09E11

It is the last week of the heats and these are the last six chefs to battle to make it through the competition. They face two tests – the daunting skills test and the signature dish round. Only the strongest three chefs that demonstrate the taste, technique and flair of a future champion will make it through to the quarter-final.
The chefs’ first task is to complete a skills test under the watchful eyes of judges Monica, Marcus and Gregg. The first three are asked to prepare a cold andaluz soup with a ham and egg garnish. With minimal cooking, the chefs need to deliver a soup that pings with flavour and colour in limited time.

The final three contestants must knock up nougatine with a white chocolate and green tea mousse along with a raspberry coulis, all in 15 minutes. The chefs will be racing to cool their mousse and cook a nougatine that won’t crack the judges’ teeth in this challenge.

With the skills tests behind them, all six chefs now have one last chance to use their style, technical skill and flair in the signature dish challenge. In one hour and 30 minutes, the heat is on to cook a dish that will wow Monica, Marcus and Gregg, and showcase why they deserve to stay in the competition. Failure to do so means they could be among the three chefs sent home at the end of the round.
The three most talented chefs will return for the last quarter-finals and continue their fight to be crowned MasterChef Professional Champion 2016.

First broadcast: 30 November 2016
Duration: 1 hour

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