MasterChef (UK) – The Professionals S09E10

It is the final heats week and six new ambitious chefs set out to prove they have what it takes to win the coveted title. To secure a place in the competition, they must impress in two tests – the daunting skills test and the signature dish round. Only the strongest three chefs who can demonstrate they have the all-round skills, technique and flair of a future champion will make it through to the quarter-final.

The first three chefs to be scrutinised walk into a skills test set by Monica. She gives them 15 minutes to show they have the subtlety of flavour and artistry to shine when she asks them to make an artichoke barigoule. This rustic dish from the south of France should be a breeze, but with Gregg, Marcus and Monica watching on, even the humble artichoke can be catastrophic for a terrified chef.

The remaining three chefs are set a skills test by Marcus. They have 15 minutes to dish up a hot lamb sandwich with a pea and mint salsa. The simplicity of the dish belies the depth of skill on show and the excellence the judges will be keenly watching out for.

The six chefs have one last chance to show the judges they are top calibre when they cook their signature dish. They have one hour and 30 minutes to perfectly execute their tried and tested recipe for Monica, Marcus and Gregg. They must deliver on presentation, technique and flavour if they want to secure their future in the competition, because when it is all over, the three weakest chefs will be sent home.

Only the three most talented chefs win a place in the last quarter-final and continue in their cooking battle for the prestigious Professional MasterChef title.

First broadcast: 29 November 2016
Duration: 1 hour

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