Arguably the most controversial figure to ever step foot in the industry, Eric Bischoff is responsible for some of the most revolutionary moments in sports-entertainment history. From creating the nWo, to battling WWE as the figurehead of WCW during The Monday Night War, to being one of the most hated personalities in both WCW and WWE, Eric Bischoff knew how to get under his rivals’ skin while creating his own in-your-face brand of controversy. Relive all of Eric Bischoff’s greatest moments, hear stories from the man himself
and see why he was appropriately name “The King of Controversy.”


— Pop Bottles
— Hunting
— Grandma
— School Times
— Believability
— New Suits
— Travel Tickets
— The Television Character
— Entrepreneurial Spirit
— No Ticky, No Laundry
— Creative Control
— Flavor Profile
— Great-Grandfather Brewer
— Horseback Riding
— Spider Web of Life
Legends with JBL: Guest Eric Bischoff (Part 1) September 21, 2015
Legends with JBL: Guest Eric Bischoff (Part 2) September 23, 2015
Eric Bischoff’s Top Ten Most Controversial Moments September 23, 2015

Ninja Suit Man (AWA Superstars April 26, 1987)
Eric & Greg Gagne Discuss Billy Robinson (AWA All Star Wrestling January 1991)
Eric into the Women’s Locker Room (WCW Great American Bash July 14, 1991)
A Gift for Muhammad Ali (WCW Halloween Havoc October 23, 1994)
Jackknife Bischoff (WCW Great American Bash June 16, 1996)
Blind PowerBomb
nWo Bischoff (WCW Monday Nitro November 25, 1996)
Easy E (WCW Monday Nitro January 20, 1997)
Eric Fires Randy Anderson (WCW Monday Nitro January 27, 1997)
Randy Anderson Pleads For His Job (WCW Monday Nitro February 10, 1997)
Eric Bischoff Playing Eric Bischoff
For Control of Monday Nitro
Eric Bischoff vs. Larry Zbyzsko (WCW Starrcade December 28, 1997)
Eric Challenges Vince to a Fight (WCW Monday Nitro May 11, 1998)
It’s Good to Be King (WCW Monday Nitro May 18, 1998)
Late Night Imposter
nWo Nightcap (WCW Monday Nitro July 20, 1998)
Keeping a Secret
Eric Bischoff Named General Manager of RAW (RAW July 15, 2002)
Billy and Chuck’s Wedding (SmackDown September 12, 2002)
Most Fun Ever
In the Skybox with Stone Cold (Judgment Day May 18, 2003)
No Script
Y2J’s Highlight Reel with Eric & Stone Cold (Insurrextion June 7, 2003)
The Trial of Eric Bischoff (RAW December 5, 2005)

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